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"The Alawite Tide Has Exploded" - A "Secular" Song For a "Secular" Regime?

Shiite Militancy and Iranian Imperialism -

We all know who's really in charge of Syria...

When bearing in mind the allegedly “secular” nature of Bashar al-Assad’s regime… It might also be worth bearing in mind that Assad’s regime has utilised Alawi and Shiite sectarianism for decades (Assad’s own family hails from the Alawite sect, in an attempt to shore up the regime’s power base, and give it a reliable supply of canon fodder from the minorities, fearful of repression should the…

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Obama Can Read... When It Suits Him

I thought I’d re-post this; this is one of my most extensive articles to date, and I thought it worthy of posting again; I think it contains the truth about Obama’s disgraceful, pro-Assad policies!


Just thought I should share this

NEVER apologise to bigots. These “Muslim apologies” are wrong and superfluous. Anyone with a heart knows that Muslims hate terrorism aside from one or two fanatics, just as with all other religions. Do NOT be fooled into apologising for who you are!

At least 25 civilians were killed, and 150 injured, in the town of Arbeen after the terrorist Bashar al-Assad, bombed the town from the air. 

Thanks to Kenan Rahmani of the Syrian American Council for bringing the video to my attention, and posting the original title: 

أكثر من ٢٥ شهيد و ١٥٠ جريح اليوم في مدينة عربين في ريف دمشق بعد قصف نظام المجرم بشار الأسد

We firmly believe that while the world is focused on ISIS, it STILL needs to remember what is STILL going on relentlessly in Syria, namely Assad’s genocidal slaughter of the Syrian people! 

Hash tags to use on Twitter: #ThisIsYourChild AssadCrimes #FreeSyria 

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العربي والكردي الكوبني: بدنا حرية! Arabs and Kurds of Kobane: We want freedom! (2012)

People keep alleging that the Kurds can’t be trusted, that they want to split from Syria, etc. Please watch this. Hundreds of Syrian Kurds and Arabs in Kobane (a relatively small town, so that says a lot, when you take into account the huge number of attendees) circa 2012, calling for the fall of the Assad regime and showing support…

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even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.

PLEASE don’t scroll past this without a second thought, and don’t hesitate to call the authorities if you’re over there & notice anything whatsoever! It could be INCREDIBLY valuable information.

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