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Revolt Without Rajavi: Syria’s Opposition Must Not Embrace the MEK

Revolt Without Rajavi: Syria’s Opposition Must Not Embrace the MEK

Former SNC leader Ahmed Jarba and MEK leader Maryam Rajavi.

Lately the Syrian opposition, and to an extent some of their foreigner supporters, are clearly comfortable with cosying up to the MEK, an Iranian “opposition” group based in Iraq and Paris.

For some background information to those of you out there who are unaware of what the group is, or what it stands for, it is led by a charismatic couple, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi. Massoud Rajavi is a former…

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I never got the argument, that just because there was never an independent Palestinian state, then that means it’s fair game and up for grabs. The pro-Israel crowd loves to use this as a sort of “checkmate”.

Not only is this disgusting and supports colonialism and propagates the idea that unless…

Ameen. Take heed, Zionist supremacists!

#RIP baby Shahima. Your mother and father were murdered by the “#mostmoralarmy” (the #IDF) and then they murdered you by shutting off the electricity to your incubator when they bombed Gaza’s only power station! .
You can read Shahima’s tragic story here if you want. Please #share it, I wrote this so that she wouldn’t just become another statistic. She’s a human being, and one who’s life was tragically cut short. You’re in a better place now little one. :( #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #GazaUnderFire #FreePalestine #Palestine #Israel #Israeli #terror #terrorists #terrorism #siege #evil #Palestinians #Palestinian #IStandWithGaza #Nazis #Nazi #Hamas #bomb #bombing #power #baby #incubator

Shaima’s Story, and the Death of True Humanity

Amid all the genocidal death and destruction in Gaza lately, it finally looked as if there was some…


Amid all the genocidal death and destruction in Gaza lately, it finally looked as if there was some beautiful news born out of tragedy and suffering. A Gazan mother, eight months pregnant, was killed when an Israeli tank shell struck her home; clearly collective punishment as her husband worked as a local radio journalist (and Israel has a history of bombing media outlets which don’t share their…

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Horror as #Gaza handicapped care facility bombed - AFP

The same facility mentioned in this report, seemingly: 

Please LIKE and SHARE this to raise some awareness! Lets get #GazaUnderAttack and #Gaza TRENDING!!

Stop Turning the Gaza Massacre into Symmetrical Warfare!

Of course the Israelis have it worse off, don't they?

Throughout the latest round of Israeli aggression against Palestinians, particularly in Gaza, it is refreshing to see that both ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ media outets alike have widely
covered the horrendous murder of 16 year-old Mohammad Abu Khdair, and the brutal beating and unlawful arrest of his cousin, young Palestinian-American Tariq Khadair, by Israeli police.

While the former…

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Listen, O Liberty, and harken unto us. Turn your gaze towards us, O mother of the earth’s inhabitants. For we are not the offspring of your rival. Speak with the tongue of any one of us; for from one spark the draw straw catches fire. Awaken the sound of your wings the spirit of one of our men; for from one cloud one lightning flash illuminates valley-lanes and mountain- tops. Disperse with your resolve these dark clouds. Descend as a thunderbolt. Destroy like a catapult the props of those thrones erected on bones and skulls; plated with the gold of taxes and bribery; soaked in blood and tears. Listen to us, O Liberty. Have compassion on us, O Daughter of Athens. Rescue us, O Sister of Rome. Save us, O Companion of Moses. Come to our aid, O beloved of Mohammad. Teach us, O bride of Jesus. Strengthen our hearts that we may live; or strengthen the arms of our enemies against us that we may wither, perish and find peace. - Khalil Gibran


The Capitulation of the Arab ‘Leaders’

The Capitulation of the Arab ‘Leaders’

Coming soon in the future...

The venue is well-organised. The door of the aircraft opens. An old man exits the aircraft and stumbles around blindly, with little comprehension of what he’s doing. If he has any, it barely shows. He dresses elegantly, but his weakness and lack of control render his outward attempts to look powerful as useless as the attempts of his security detail to steady him.

He stumbles. A stronger…

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